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SESR Objectives

SESR Objectives

To organize workshops, seminars and lectures on recent advancements in scientific research and development in different fields with special emphasis on basic sciences ensuring that it provides an excellent forum for both general lectures and more specialized presentations

To keep our students updated with the mainstream scientific world through the publication of science related proceedings, articles, memoirs, bulletins, etc.

To disseminate research knowledge and provide a forum for communication between scientists and researchers and to grow and support communities among them so as to bridge the gap between the different streams of scientific world by creating a network of scientists, researchers, faculties and various professionals at universities and institutions of scientific education and research.

Raising awareness so as to inspire and educate people, and allow them to make informed decisions which recognize the importance of the subjects and its advances.

To ensure that appropriate scientific information and expert opinion are made available to policy-¬ and decision¬-makers and that the improvement of resources and infrastructure for research is supported

To bring collaboration and cooperation between scientific societies and academic institutions of the country with international societies for promotion of interaction among research workers within and outside the country

To develop a platform for integration of all students, research workers, scientists, academicians, entrepreneurs, policy makers, university faculties and others interested in biotechnology for overall development of the country.

To enable those in schools to learn about research, particularly its applications and to foster the development of their own skills in scientific reasoning and understanding
To provide education supporting materials to the institutions

Other regular activities of the Society include:

Engagement with the media to disseminate research findings as widely as possible
Engagement with the wider community of economists in education, business, public policy groups and government.

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