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Types of Memberships / Benefits

SESR Founder Member

The member present in the society when it first started and selection will be by Executive Body

SESR Nominated Member

The member specially nominated by executive body

SESR Fellow member

  • They get special support in their research from SESR
  • There will be reduction in all the fee payment related to SESR
  • SESR encourage to be collaborated with them/their institutions in organizing conferences, workshops or other activities
  • There will be Fellow card for availing their benefits in the publication as well as other activities related to SESR

SESR Honorary Member

  • Honored in recognition to their significant contribution to scientific research
  • Selection and duration are decided by executive body
  • The suggestions from the honorary members will be considered by the decision makers of the Society
  • There will be Honorary membership card for availing their benefits

SESR Life Member

  • Lifelong membership for his/her life-time.
  • SESR Life-time member gets support for their research from SESR.
  • There will be reduction in all the fee payment related to SESR for the SESR Life card holders

SESR Annual Member

  • SESR Annual Member has to pay a one-time membership fee and become a SESR Member for 1 year.

SESR Corporate Member / Patron Membership

  • SESR Corporate membership can be obtained by industries related to science research and related fields
  • SESR Corporate Member can receive many benefits from society through media depending on the nature of business/R&D carrying out

SESR Institutional Member

  • The institute can become member
  • The members can get reduction in the registration fee for their students/ faculties up to a number of 15 in the conferences/symposium/workshop conducted by SESR for five years.

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