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SESR is a NGO, working on behalf of members to provide representation and services for promoting the global growth of education and scientific research especially in the field of bioscience related field. SESR is a well-connected network of over 3,000 members from different categories such as educatiors, researchers and experts from therapeutics, medical technology (devices and diagnostics), food technology and agricultural, environmental and industrial sectors.

SESR is especially dedicated to the development, growth and prosperity of the bioscience and related industries, by providing initiatives to drive sustainability and growth, outreach and access to markets, and representation and support for members nationally and around the world.

SESR mission is to provide a platform for the people from various zones of educational and scientific sectors to present and exchange thoughts and ideas so as to incorporate all national and cross-national academic institutions, research institutions, companies and individuals for the development of research.

SESR aims to ensure proper guidance for students pursuing studies in the sciences and to encourage their involvement in Research and Development aspects of scientific education besides ensuring the promotion of human inner values. With this, we not only envision enhancing scientific understanding amongst researchers but also anticipate producing successful minds in society as well as in the world at large by extension. SESR awards are given to the scientists, researchers and a group of people to recognize their excellence in their fields and to encourage the scientific society

SESR has representation in each INDIAN state providing a national network to support members and promote the commercialization of bioscience in the national and international marketplaces.

The structure is a not-for-profit society managed by a board elected by members, under a constitution that is available on request from national office.

Our membership base includes bioscience companies, ranging from start-ups to mature multinationals, research institutes and universities, specialist service professionals, corporate, institutional, individual and student members from INDIA and globally.

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